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How to Get Wax Out of Carpet: Safe Removal Techniques

There’s nothing like taking out a day to deep clean your entire home. You vacuum everything, mop the floor, dust the surfaces, and finally light your favorite scented candle to give it that ultimate Crate & Barrel feel! Bliss.  That is, until your dog knocks down that blissful candle, and down goes the melted wax on your freshly vacuumed carpet.

It’s okay, we’ve all been there. But the good part of this story is that your carpet does not have to end up in the garbage (let’s be honest, who has the extra money for a new one in THIS economy?). We have compiled a list of nifty tricks to help you salvage your beloved home goods.

5 Easy Steps To Get Candle Wax Out Of Your Carpet

Wax drips can feel terminal for your carpet, but with these cleaning tips, you can have it looking as good as new in no time!

1. Paper Towel And Iron Technique

Things you will need
Things you will need

This is probably one of the most popular tricks in the book, mostly because it’s easy and doesn’t require fancy tools. Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

  1. Simply place a paper towel, a cut-up paper bag, or a clean white cloth to cover the entire wax-spilled surface. 
  2. Then using a medium heat setting, put the iron directly onto the paper towel/cloth. Make sure the heat isn’t too high or you’ll damage your carpet fibers!
  3. Move the iron back and forth onto the wax until you can feel the wax melting. The paper towel should be able to absorb the wax onto it and out of the carpet. If the wax doesn’t seem to melt, turn your iron on a higher heat setting and try again
  4. Once your paper towel becomes saturated, repeat the process with a clean paper towel until most of the wax is out.

If you have a carpet made out of heat-sensitive material like wool, try using a hair dryer on high heat instead of an iron to avoid applying direct heat to your carpet. For larger or thicker spills, hold the iron in place for 10-20 seconds to hasten the process.

2. Scrape Out The Wax

If you’re dealing with a small area of spilled wax, you can probably try a good ol’ scrape before you bring out the tools. Wait for the wax to harden, then use a blunt serrated tool like a butter knife to scrape the wax off the carpet.  Try to scrape off as much as you can. Just make sure you don’t get too aggressive to avoid damaging the carpet.

Once most of the wax is out, you’re only dealing with the leftover stain or residue. For this, use a stain remover, rubbing alcohol, or a spot cleaner and blot it onto the area with a clean cloth until you’re happy with the results.

3. DIY Carpet Wax Remover

Things you will need
Things you will need

Now we know that using heat on the carpet can feel a little intimidating and you want to keep that as a last resort. That’s okay! try this DIY solution instead.

  1. Get a spray bottle.
  2. Add 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar to it
  3. Spray it onto the spilled, dried wax. Make sure you saturate the affected area
  4. Leave it for 30 seconds to let it do its thing
  5. Then use a clean cloth or towel to remove the wax from the carpet. Make sure to dab, not rub to avoid getting wax all over the place
  6. Repeat the process until you get out as much wax as possible

To aid the wax-removing process, you can use a spoon or an old toothbrush to scrub the DIY solution onto the wax so it can get deep into your carpet and do the job more efficiently. 

4. Freeze Out The Wax

This tip might feel contradictory to our previous carpet cleaning hacks, but what works, works, right?! 

If you don’t want to use heat on your wax spill for whatever reason, do the opposite and use ice instead.

  1. Wrap an ice pack or a bag of ice cubes in a towel (so we don’t get the wax wet)
  2. Place the wrapped ice on top of the wax and allow it to harden
  3. Let it sit for 10 seconds or more
  4. Ensure the wax has solidified and is hard enough, then try lifting it off the carpet. If it’s soft, let the ice sit for longer and try again

This trick might not work for all carpet fabrics but it’s worth trying since it uses stuff you already have at home.

5. Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

If you have tried all possible ways to remove wax and your carpet is starting to fray a little, give yourself a break and resort to the last step; hiring a professional. Professional carpet cleaners are equipped with tools and cleaning solutions that can easily get rid of wax stains and spills. So let them do their job and hope your carpet is looking brand new by the end of it.

How To Get Candle Wax Out Of Carpet – FAQs

1. How Can I Use More Than One Wax-Cleaning Technique?

If one technique doesn’t work, you can try a combination of different ones. For instance, start by scraping to remove wax from the carpet. Then use a hot iron or blow dryer with a paper towel to remove the remaining wax residue.

2. How To Avoid Carpet Stains From Colored Wax?

If you were able to melt the spilled candle wax and remove it, it may have left behind a stain if it was colored. Take care of this by spraying a stain-removing solution or rubbing alcohol and using a white towel to gently rub it off.

3. Can I Use A Vacuum To Get The Wax Out Of Carpet?

Try out different vacuum brush attachments
Try out different vacuum brush attachments

Yes! Using an upholstery brush attachment to a vacuum can get wax out of the carpet without much effort. 

So that’s it on knowing how to get wax out of your carpet. If cleaning tips like these interest you, be sure to check out our blog for more.

Michael F

Michael F

Owner, Elevated Cleaning

Michael started Elevated Cleaning to help fill a gap in the Florida cleaning market. With a focus on quality, and a passion for giving back to the community, Elevated Cleaning continues to serve hundreds of happy homeowners each month.

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Michael F.

Michael F.

Owner, Elevated Cleaning

Michael started Elevated Cleaning to help fill a gap in the Florida cleaning market. With a focus on quality, and a passion for giving back to the community, Elevated Cleaning continues to serve hundreds of happy homeowners each month.

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