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How to Host an Airbnb

Have you ever dreamed of running a short-term rental business and becoming an Airbnb host? Turning your extra space into an Airbnb is an exciting way to start hosting travelers, making new friends worldwide, and earning extra income.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to list your space, prepare for guests, handle bookings and check-ins, provide 5-star hospitality, and operate a smooth, successful Airbnb property. Follow these hosting tips to thrive as a vacation rental host on Airbnb.

Getting Started: How to Become a Host on Airbnb

If you’re an Airbnb host and list your space on Airbnb, follow these steps to qualify and set up your account profile:

First, you’ll want to create an account on Airbnb.com. Provide basic details to build your profile, like your name, contact information, and location. Upload a profile photo—this gives guests confidence they’ll be staying with a real, approachable person.

Next, Airbnb will assess your eligibility based on criteria like background checks, age, government IDs, and completion level of your profile details. Requirements can vary depending on your city, so review the state and local regulations summarized for hosts in Airbnb’s resource center.

You’ll also need to verify your identity by submitting a scan of your driver’s license or passport. And enable two-factor authentication for extra security around your account access.

Once approved through Airbnb’s host verification processes, take a few more profile housekeeping steps like connecting your payout payment account and familiarizing yourself with site navigation tools hosting. Then, you can officially register as a host and open your first listing.

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Creating Your Airbnb Listing as a Property Manager

Your online listing is where potential guests find your space when browsing Airbnb search results. So, making an amazing first impression with stellar photos, descriptions, and details is crucial for attracting visitors and bookings.


Great photos do most of the selling. Show off rooms, views, the neighborhood, amenities, beds, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and decor details guests care about. Employ natural lighting during the day and turn lights on at night for vivid interior snaps.

Crop images prominently around focal points without too much excess background. Keep things uncluttered and visually appealing. Shoot 5-7 photos minimum, but the more, the better.

Listing Details and Description

Flesh out a complete profile for your space in the listing description covering:

  • Summary blurb highlighting location, property type, rooms, beds, and what makes your place special
  • Detailed list of amenities like wireless internet, free parking, kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, toiletries, linens
  • Local neighborhood details and proximity to sights, restaurants, parks, and conveniences
  • Interior space descriptions emphasizing rooms, beds, seating areas, decor and layout
  • House rules, check-in procedures, and other specifics around accessing the property


Browse comparable area listings to gauge average rates based on location, size, quality, and amenities. Generally, aim to price in the middle of the range. Factor in pricing tips showing Seasonal or High-demand alerts in case you’re undervaluing the market.

Establish a competitive base rate, but consider discounts for weekly or monthly stays that may attract longer-term guests. You can fine-tune pricing over time based on occupancy, seasonality, and market demand.

Listing Settings

  • Choose an appropriate cancellation policy ranging from Strict to Moderate to Flexible based on whether you’re comfortable offering partial or full refunds if guests cancel.
  • Set check-in and checkout times that work for your schedule and property type.
  • Indicate a maximum number of guests based on beds and rooms.
  • Show minimum/maximum nights that align with your ideal booking lengths.
  • Define house rules covering parties, smoking, pets, cleaning responsibilities, and other guidelines.

Make your listing and ensure it has engaging photos, robust descriptions, optimal pricing, and clear parameters. Now that the basics are covered take things up a creative notch! Give your place a personality-filled name, tell its unique backstory, and highlight special quirks and features. This listing personality makes guests eager to choose your spot over less distinctive options.

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It’s a Good Idea to Prepare Your Airbnb Space

Prepare Your Airbnb Space
Prepare Your Airbnb Space

Before accepting reservations, prepare your property so everything is clean, comfortable, functional, and guest-ready. You’ll make stellar first impressions and quickly accumulate 5-star reviews by focussing on these areas:

Deep Cleaning

Scrub down every room, surface, appliance, and furnishing until your space is hotel-quality pristine. Pay extra attention to:

  • Kitchen and bathrooms sanitized inside drawers, behind appliances, and under sinks
  • Mirrors, windows, and lighting fixtures sparkling
  • Floors mopped, and carpets shampooed
  • Furniture dusted and laundered linens crisply arranged

Welcome Kit

Provide basic comforts and supplies guests may need by stocking:

  • Plenty of extra towels, bedding, and pillows neatly presented
  • Hangers, laundry supplies, and tissue boxes in rooms
  • New guest soaps, shampoo, body wash and lotion
  • Snacks, coffee, tea bags and bottled water


Verify everything is in flawless working order through test runs and inspections:

  • Electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing and appliances
  • Lighting, clocks, remote controls, TVs
  • Internet/wifi, door locks, and home security system


Install fire/CO detectors, fully stocked first aid kits, post emergency numbers and assemble an emergency kit. Check windows lock securely and outdoor lighting works to prevent hazards.


Stage rooms thoughtfully with:

  • Decluttered surfaces and furniture arranged invitingly
  • Beds made neatly, decorative pillows, lamps glowing
  • Soothing color palettes and accessories contribute to the atmosphere

With cleaning, preparation, and staging complete, your freshly minted sanctuary awaits its first round of excited guests!

Setting Your Cancellation Policy

Airbnb offers 3 standardized cancellation policies hosts can choose from when creating listings:


  • Full refunds for cancellations made at least 1 day before check-in
  • Best for hosts focused on maximizing bookings over higher rates

***Moderate ***

  • 50% refund for cancellations at least 5 days before check-in
  • Balances guest flexibility by protecting hosts’ income


  • No refunds for cancellations made any time after booking
  • Ideal for hosts who can’t easily rebook last-minute cancellations

Consider what policy best suits your specific rental based on typical seasonal demand, rebooking likelihood, and how much income volatility you can withstand if reservations are frequently canceled.

Guests can see the cancellation rules before booking, so setting firm policies from the start avoids misunderstandings. Extenuating circumstances sometimes arise for travelers who can reasonably make exceptions with partial or full refunds despite strict cancellation policies.

Getting Your First Bookings

Early on, focus on getting a few stays under your belt. Nothing builds credibility for a new listing faster than happy guests leaving positive reviews about their excellent guest experience. A few seed booking and review tactics:

Promotional Rate

Temporarily set an introductory rate ~10-20% lower than comparable area listings while accumulating initial reviews. This incentivizes adventurous guests to take a chance. Once you have 10+ bookings and stellar feedback, raise rates gradually back to market norms.


Tell everyone you know locally about your exciting new hosting venture! Ask if they’d like to plan a “test run” staycation across town or think of any out-of-town friends/relatives looking for upcoming lodging. Referrals convert at a very high rate into reservations.

Local Partnerships

Is there a trendy boutique hotel, quirky museum, Instagram-popular cafe, or beloved neighborhood retailer plugged into tourist demand? Strike up mutually beneficial partnerships. Offer their guests/customers 10% off and, in return, display signage and list flyers in high-visibility hot spots.

With a promotional rate set, emails sent out to your contacts list, shared social media blasts, and strategically placed teasers, you’ll score those critical first 5-star stays and reviews in no time! Patience and creativity are key.

Preparing for Guest Arrivals

First impressions go a long way when guests enter your property after traveling. Set the stage for a flawless stay and glowing reviews by meticulously preparing for arrivals:

Coordinate Logistics

  • Confirm arrival time in advance, share detailed check-in instructions, and exchange cell numbers if needed while traveling.
  • Rearrange furniture, adjust thermostats, and ensure an abundance of clean linens shortly before the scheduled check-in.
  • Thoroughly supply welcome books covering house rules, wifi access, and favorite local destinations.
  • Give a thoughtful touch like an arrival fruit basket or personalized welcome chalkboard.

Streamline Access

  • For contactless self-check-in, install smart locks, allowing codes to be sent remotely to each guest’s phone.
  • Create seamless procedures for parking, accessing keys, entering property, and moving throughout all on-site areas.

When guests receive warm, proactive contact and secure and convenient access, they’ll be delighted before crossing the threshold.

Describing Amenities in Your Airbnb Listing

Today’s travelers have high hospitality standards and lofty expectations of necessity basics and value-added perks alike. Make sure to highlight every imaginable amenity your property offers. Prominently advertise desirable features like these in listing descriptions:

Basic Amenities

  • Wireless high-speed internet access
  • Bed types like king, queen, and twin, plus exact bed and bedroom counts
  • Kitchen appliances including stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, cooking/dining utensils
  • Television screen sizes and subscription streaming channels
  • Washer/dryer or designated laundry room details
  • Towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer

Specialized Amenities

  • The fridge is stocked with juice, snacks, or complimentary breakfast foods
  • Wine, cheese boards, fruit baskets, or other gifts upon arrival
  • Safety features like fire extinguishers, first aid kids, and emergency preparedness kits
  • Tablet containing a digital guide to the property and surrounding city recommendations
  • Seasonings, condiments, coffee, specialized dietary offerings catering to wide-ranging diets and restrictions

Call out every possible distinguishing amenity to catch guests’ attention during searches. Remember, the little niceties and personal touches transform good stays into exceptional ones, prompting rave reviews.

Setting House Rules for Airbnb Guests

Setting House Rules for Airbnb Guests
Setting House Rules for Airbnb Guests

Well-crafted house rules set clear standards around things like proper conduct, responsible use, and preserving your property. They also help protect hosts against undesirable behaviors.

Determine rules based on:

  • Local laws/regulations
  • Personal comfort levels
  • Vulnerabilities of property’s size, layout, or materials
  • Past hosting experiences surfaced issues to address proactively

Some common areas to cover:


  • No parties/events without pre approval
  • Designated spaces and surfaces where food/drinks are permitted
  • Guidelines around kids, pets, and smoking


  • Use of appliances, electronics, doors, locks, thermostats, alarms
  • Fire and weather emergency procedures


  • Dishes, trash removal, and daily tidying expectations
  • End of stay deeper cleaning responsibilities

Guest Limits

  • Daytime guests parameters
  • Notifications needed for overnight visitors


  • Check-in/out times, parking, key pick up/drop off logistics

Clearly communicate rules both on your listing and printed as an on-site guide. Be firm yet reasonable. The goal is avoiding problems, not heavy-handed policing. Updates rules based on recurring issues.

Setting Check-In and Checkout Expectations

A seamless arriving and departing experience with clear communications ensures guests positively remember their stay’s bookends.

Check-In Logistics

Provide in advance:

  • Exact check-in time and flexibility details
  • Instructions for route, parking, accessing entry keys/codes
  • Guidance on moving through the property’s access points

Prepare the day prior:

  • Confirm arrival time details with the guest
  • Clean thoroughly, arrange furniture invitingly
  • Stock kitchen generously, adjust thermostats

Day of:

  • Tidy last minute and take any trash out just before guest’s scheduled arrival
  • Meet briefly to hand off keys, point out amenities, and share your cell number

Checkout Details

A week before checkout:

  • Remind guests of departure time and protocol for leaving keys
  • Provide instructions for any tenant responsibilities like laundry or loading the dishwasher

The morning of checkout:

  • Confirm key return location and plan meetup if needed
  • Quickly evaluate for any cleaning or repairs needed before the next guest

During meetup:

  • Thank guests for staying and leave a positive review
  • Collect any outstanding feedback while impressions are fresh

Getting Great Reviews from Happy Guests

Getting Great Reviews from Happy Guests
Getting Great Reviews from Happy Guests

Reviews make a big impact on potential guests browsing Airbnb listings. During the stay:

  • Introduce a guestbook or feedback plaque soliciting impressions
  • Resolve complaints immediately, then follow up to confirm issues fixed to satisfaction
  • Note favorite guest details like snacks they loved to incorporate in the review

After visitors depart:

Automate the process by sending post-checkout review requests via Airbnb’s prompt feature. Or personally solicit feedback by messaging guests:

“Dear [Guest Name], I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your time at my vacation rental! I wanted to thank you for being a perfect guest and for taking great care of my home. If you have a spare moment when you return home, I would greatly appreciate any review or feedback you might have on your experience at my listing. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to improve future stays. Thanks so much, and safe travels! Best Regards, [Your name]”

When you proactively encourage reviews showcasing the positives, guests happily spread the word. Their affirmations help confidently convince future Airbnb visitors to book your spot for upcoming trips.

Handling Issues and Concerns with Airbnb Guests

Despite best efforts, even five-star hosts encounter occasional guest headaches. Handling friction with poise and professionalism preserves your reputation. When problems pop up:

Listen First

Hear the guest’s full perspective without interrupting. Ask clarifying questions and reflect their feelings back to signal understanding.

Discuss Factually

Without getting defensive or assigning blame, have an open conversation focused objectively on “just the facts” around what happened or didn’t happen from both viewpoints.

Brainstorm Solutions

Collaboratively discuss action steps to either:

a) Come to an agreement about the source issues
b) Arrive at a compromise if perspectives differ
c) Develop constructive solutions addressing the root cause

Involve Airbnb If Needed

For unresolved disputes or more serious incidents, promptly report details to Airbnb indicating what transpired. Support agents can formally mediate based on policies if further adjudication is required around financial disputes, injuries, or other escalated scenarios.

Document Thoroughly

Keep written records about significant guest conflicts, especially in cases requiring Airbnb assistance. Factually log critical details like:

  • What originally occurred, who was present, and under what exact circumstances
  • Guest concerns voiced and specific responses you provided
  • Agreed on next steps, promises made, or reparations offered
  • Quotes of verbatim statements documenting both sides

Should matters, unfortunately, escalate to insurance claims down the road, contemporaneous neutral documentation strengthens the factual record greatly.

Becoming an Airbnb Superhost

The coveted Superhost badge recognizes Airbnb’s most outstanding hosts meeting elevated hospitality standards. Superhosts rank higher in search results and have higher booking rates.

Qualify by maintaining metrics like:

  • 4.8+ average overall rating
  • 90%+ response rate
  • Less than 1% cancellation rate
  • At least 10 stays or 100 booked nights per year

Centering exceptional reliability, responsiveness, and reviews leads hosts to earn Superhost status within reach. Perks like custom URLs, badge displays, and email signature logos signal your premier distinction to prospective guests seeking proven 5-star stays.

Once achieved for one year, one high-rating period can’t undo Superhost status. Still, continually delivering remarkable hosting remains important for sustaining the trajectory toward the milestone of 1% of top-tier hosts.

Registering an Airbnb Business Entity

Initially, hosting earnings qualify as taxable personal income. But for hosts scaling up portfolios, formally structuring an official business allows for maximizing tax deductions and legal protections.

Sole Proprietorship

The simplest option is registering your full name as the unincorporated business name. No formal state filing is needed, though local licenses may be required. Report all profit/loss directly on personal returns. Unlimited personal liability.


Creates a legal entity shielding your assets from rental property liabilities. File articles of organization paperwork per state’s guidelines and operating agreements outlining ownership rules. Well-suited for joining multiple hosts together. Higher state compliance needs and set-up costs.


Slightly more complex and best for more advanced hosts. Formally incorporated to create a distinct company entity. File articles of incorporation plus hold shareholder and board of directors meetings. Operate akin to the regular corporation but taxed similarly to partnerships. Significant overhead but increased tax optimization potential.

Discuss options with financial and legal guidance to determine which structure optimally balances liability considerations, operating processes, and tax implications as you grow more listings.

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Michael F

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Michael started Elevated Cleaning Services to help fill a gap in the Florida cleaning market. With a focus on quality, and a passion for giving back to the community, Elevated Cleaning Services continues to serve hundreds of happy homeowners each month.

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Picture of Michael F.

Michael F.

Owner, Elevated Cleaning Services

Michael started Elevated Cleaning Services to help fill a gap in the Florida cleaning market. With a focus on quality, and a passion for giving back to the community, Elevated Cleaning Services continues to serve hundreds of happy homeowners each month.

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