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The Ultimate Airbnb Host Checklist

Booking a vacation home rental for travel is becoming increasingly popular. An estimated 30% of leisure travelers will stay in a short-term rental in 2023. As a savvy entrepreneur and prospective host, you recognize the opportunity presented by this high vacation rental demand.

Distinguishing yourself with exceptional hospitality could translate to a thriving, full-time business. But getting started with hosting can be overwhelming… where do I even begin to provide a truly 5-star travel experience? 

Never fear. This comprehensive, Airbnb host checklist outlines every detail required in readying your best Airbnb space for delighted guests and simplified hosting.

From cleaning essentials to luxury linens, kitchen gadgets to bathroom touches, and business practices to local recommendations, you’ll know exactly how to launch and maintain a top-tier Airbnb vacation rental.

Creating an Immaculate Airbnb Rental That Wows Guests

When guests are choosing between Airbnb rental listings, a spotless, meticulously cleaned space sits firmly atop their priority list. Your cleaning protocols and checklist lay the foundation necessary to deliver a seamless 5-star hospitality experience from check-in to check-out.

First, arm yourself with commercial-grade supplies for deep cleaning your entire Airbnb property inside and out. Stock up on:

  • Powerful disinfectants like Lysol or Clorox to sanitize
  • Baking soda and vinegar for scrubbing and deodorizing
  • Essential cleaning tools – microfiber cloths, grout brushes, toilet brushes, vacuum attachments

Schedule regular property management and maintenance and prevent rapid re-soiling by adhering to maintenance routines between guest stays:

  • Launder all linens weekly
  • Restock toilet paper, tissues, and soap before the next guest
  • Sweep floors after each checkout, mop twice a week
  • Airbnb bathroom and kitchen receive deep cleaning monthly

Meticulous cleaning protocols ensure your Go-The-Extra-Mile rental stays photo shoot ready to make great first impressions on arrivals.

Create a Luxury Airbnb Bedroom

Many guests spend ample in-unit time sleeping and recharging. Focus on optimizing the bedroom for exceptional comfort:


  • High thread count sheets feel soft against the skin
  • Down alternative comforter provides adjustable warmth
  • Extra pillows and blankets offer custom preferences

Special Touches:

  • Install blackout curtains for uninterrupted sleep
  • Provide phone charging cables at both nightstands
  • Add a white noise machine if space noise permeates

Little details like fresh flowers, chocolates, or a welcome chalkboard elevate the experience.

Elevate Your Airbnb Platform With A Spa-Like Bathroom Oasis

In 2021, 93% of guests ranked the bathroom as one of the most essential Airbnb amenities when searching listings and reading reviews, yet many hosts overlook optimizing this vital area as part of their rental setup.

Stand out from other properties in your market by pampering guests with special spa-like touches to maximize satisfaction.

Provide Your Guests With Plentiful High Quality Towels and Toiletries:

  • Stock ample thick, plush towels and cozy bath mats
  • Name-brand shampoo, conditioner and body wash convey premium quality
  • Include rich moisturizing lotions to combat dry air

Make Your Airbnb Bathroom Feel Indulgent With These Signature Extras:

  • Reed diffusers or scented candles fill the air with calming fragrances
  • Provide luxury spa robes, slippers, artisan soaps wrapped like in hotels
  • Install dimmable lighting for an evening ambiance

With soothing colors, ample lighting for tasks like shaving, and indulgent bath products, you’ve created a bathroom oasis that helps soothe travel-weary bodies. Follow meticulous cleaning checklists between guest stays to maintain pristine conditions. It’s these special touches that support keeping your Airbnb five-star ready.

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Fully Outfit the Kitchen for Your Airbnb Property

A recent survey discovered that 79% of Airbnb guests’ use the kitchen during their rental stay. That’s why your Airbnb inventory checklist must ensure the kitchen has a complete culinary toolkit so visitors can whip up home-cooked meals just like at home.

Here’s a List of Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets:

  • Major appliances like microwave, coffeemaker, electric kettle
  • Specialty appliances – stand mixer for baking cakes and breads, waffle maker for breakfast, electric grill for paninis
  • Complete knife block set for chopping, slicing, dicing
  • Pots and pans – stock pots, saute pans, frying pans
  • Mixing bowls, casserole dishes, baking sheets, muffin tins
  • Spice rack filled with salt, pepper, olive oil, cooking spray

Don’t Need to Go Overboard on Tableware:

  • Service for 8 settings including dinner & salad plates, bowls, mugs, utensils
  • Extra glassware – wine glasses, highball glasses, pint glasses
  • Trivets, cutting boards, tea kettle, serving utensils

Add The Touches for Kitchen Comfort:

  • Dish towels, pot holders, oven mitts
  • Trash bags, all-purpose cleaner, dish soap
  • Welcome snacks like granola bars, fruit, or chocolate

With a stellar kitchen equipped with everything on the checklist, guests will enjoy the convenience of cooking hearty meals during their stay. It’s the special touches that elevate the experience and make them feel completely at home.

Curate Insider Local Area Guides for Your Airbnb Property

Airbnb Welcome Guides
The Ultimate Airbnb Host Checklist 5

Only 8% of Airbnb hosts provide detailed area guides upfront in their listings or welcome instructions, though 92% of renters want this insider intel before booking to plan their trip. 

Stand out from other listings and wow potential guests by thoughtfully curating hyperlocal area knowledge to facilitate seamless, stress-free travel for your visitors.

Create a Customized House Manual Covering Your Airbnb House Rules:

  • Exact property access instructions
  • Wifi network name and passwords
  • Tutorials for operating appliances/electronics
  • Important emergency contact information.

Share Your Favorite Local Recommendations To Help Guests Experience the Area Like a Local:

  • Must-visit specialty boutiques, markets, cafes that only locals know about
  • Hidden hiking trails with scenic outlooks
  • Beloved events happening during their stay like summer concert series

Compile Helpful Maps and Brochures as Resources:

  • Printable local area map marking conveniences like grocery stores, pharmacies
  • Guide to using the Metro Transit system
  • Pamphlets showcasing top regional attractions and activities

By arming your Airbnb guests with specialized insider area intel and resources catered to their stay dates, you facilitate creating rich travel memories, high guest satisfaction, and delighted travelers who can’t wait to return. It’s these special personalized touches that elevate the guest experience and showcase superior hospitality.

Stock Airbnb with Creature Comforts

Minimize errands post-arrival by anticipating basic provision needs upfront.

Breakfast Basics:

85% of Airbnb guests report needing to grocery shop immediately upon arrival. Save them the hassle by having breakfast basics like coffee, eggs, fruit, bread, and cereal to ease the first morning.


Provide new toothbrushes, toothpaste, a first aid basics if guests arrive late at night when stores close.

Delight with unexpected niceties:

  • Local baked treats
  • High-quality chocolate
  • Bottle of wine showcasing regional vintages
  • Slippers, robes

Though not expected, these special touches convey genuine hospitality.

Craft Seamless Business Operations

Now fully outfit the property itself. Set your hosting business up for success by planning meticulous operations:

  • Hire a professional photographer to showcase the space
  • Compose an engaging listing title and description conveying the unique vibe
  • Price competitively based on market rates
  • Enable instant booking for convenient reservations


  • Confirm check-in procedures, key retrieval process
  • Plan to greet guests or have a self-check-in process
  • Maintain prompt communication before and during the stay
  • Arrange cleaning and restocking between occupancies

By minimizing guest effort while maximizing hospitality, your flawless operations cultivate loyal renters.

Meticulous House Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Airbnb Listing

The first step to perfect Airbnb hosting is an immaculate space, so house cleaning sits firmly atop the checklist. Travelers expect and deserve a pristine property, considering the premium nightly rates commanded versus budget hotels. Deep cleaning thoroughly before accepting reservations sets the foundation for 5-star hospitality.

Cleaning Supplies to Stock Up On for Your Set Up Your Airbnb:

  • All-purpose multi-surface spray cleaners like Method or Mrs. Meyer’s
  • Disinfecting wipes and sprays to sanitize high-touch areas
  • Streak-free glass and mirror cleaners like Windex or Method glass cleaner
  • Grout brushes, scrub brushes, and grout cleaners like Oh So Spotless tile cleaner
  • Plungers, toilet brushes, and stiff toilet bowl scrub brushes
  • Broom, dustpan, microfiber mops, and all floor cleaners suitable to each space’s flooring
  • Powerful lightweight stick vacuum like the Dyson V8 and a full-size upright like Hoover WindTunnel XL for deeper carpet cleaning
  • Lint rollers and upholstery attachments for fabric furniture and rugs
  • Replacement light bulbs of all sizes used throughout the Airbnb listing
  • Scented candles and automatic air fresheners for occasional smells
  • Hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and accessory cleaning supplies like scrub pads

Maintenance Schedule Once clean, maintaining cleanliness with a strict schedule ensures your place stays guest-ready:

  • Wash all linens, bedding, towels, throws weekly
  • Take out trash and recycling 2-3 times per week
  • Sweep, mop, vacuum all floors weekly
  • Dust ceiling fans, baseboards, windowsills, surfaces, and knickknacks weekly
  • Deep clean the Airbnb kitchen and bathroom monthly with disinfectants
  • Inspect for needed repairs monthly – loose doorknobs, leaky sinks, burnt-out light bulbs, etc Following meticulous cleaning procedures prevents rapid re-soiling between guest stays, keeping your space photo-shoot ready for new guests booking your property.

We clean the Airbnb properties in broward county and other areas by following this checklist.

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Adopt the Entire Airbnb Host Checklist for 5-Star Stays

Follow this comprehensive guide covering every hosting detail – from cleaning routines to luxury amenities, custom welcome binder to seamless operations. Moving through each checklist item inspires confidence you have all bases covered for welcoming your first guests.

Eventually, you’ll perfect a personalized system facilitating consistent 5-star stays. But first master the fundamentals using this Airbnb host checklist to guide your inaugural hosting efforts.

Your efforts will be rewarded with 5-star reviews, repeat renters, and income flow allowing you to continue enhancing your rental. Soon hosting becomes a smooth, enjoyable endeavor as you expand your global community.

Set Up a Self-Check-In

While meeting guests can create connection, many prefer privacy and independence checking themselves in. Follow best practices for an effortless self-check-in stay:

Smart Lock System

Install a keyless entry system with auto-generating door codes programmable remotely from your phone whenever you have a new booking. Top options include Schlage Encode, August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, and Yale Assure Lock.

Welcome Guide

Create a printed house manual to set expectations, explain home functionality, and facilitate navigation of your space and area. Cover Wi-Fi passwords, TV/electronics operation, bathroom features, kitchen tools, and more.

Self Check-In Signage

Use signs with directional arrows or creative chalk drawings leading the way from the parking to the entrance. At the door, post a custom “Welcome [Guest Name]!” sign alongside instructional placards guiding the next steps like grabbing keys from the lockbox, entering home access codes provided previously, etc.

Luggage Racks

Weary travelers appreciate easily spotting a luggage rack, bench, or open coat closet to neatly stash bags inside the rental upon arrival before fully exploring.

Remove Clutter

Clear kitchen counters and surfaces throughout living areas to enable guests to spread out and make themselves at home while you tidy away personal items.

Allowing self-sufficient check-in eases traveler anxiety and conveys confidence in your hospitality systems from the guest’s first moments at your property.

Frequently asked questions 

How much work is hosting an Airbnb?

Hosting part-time takes 5-10 hours per week for basic cleaning, communication, and restocking. Hiring a cleaner reduces your workload considerably. Most veteran hosts spend just 1-2 hours weekly managing bookings and communicating with renters once a thorough system is in place.

What amenities do Airbnb guests expect?

Surveys show that 93% of guests consider a well-stocked kitchen essential, along with plenty of towels, comfortable bedding, toiletries, wi-fi, TV, and basics like coffee, cooking tools, hangers, hair dryer. Refer to the host checklist outlined here when preparing.

What can’t guests use in my Airbnb rental?

Unless explicitly stated in your listing description, assume all areas visible in photos are accessible to guests – except locked cabinets/doors marked as private. Spell this out transparently in your listing.

How much does an Airbnb host make?

Typical hosts earn between $150-$250 per night booked, minus expenses like cleaning fees. Utilization rates vary greatly by occupancy and seasonality influencing annual profits between $5,000-$60,000. Location plays a major role.

Do I need special insurance to host an Airbnb?

Yes, your homeowners’ insurance likely excludes commercial activity. Coverage protecting property damage by renters runs ~$200 annually for a $1 million liability. Ensure adequate coverage for rental equipment too if providing appliances or electronics.

What are the basic host requirements in Airbnb?

The basic requirements are:

  • Ownership or legal authority to sublet your residential property
  • Housing safety compliant with building codes
  • Business licenses, permits, and taxes for rental activity in your jurisdiction
  • Short-term rental insurance covering property damage
  • Smart devices for remote access
  • Cleaning fees to make space guest-ready

How do I prepare for Airbnb hosting?

Preparing an Airbnb involves:

  • Decluttering and deep cleaning the home
  • Furnishing each room appropriately for travelers
  • Installing safety items like fire extinguishers
  • Hanging blackout curtains for sleeping comfort
  • Outfitting kitchen with all cooking/dining essentials
  • Creating a welcome guide covering home details and local recommendations
  • Professional photography to showcase the space
  • Listing on platforms like Airbnb

What is essential for an Airbnb host?

The essentials Airbnb hosts need are:

  • Comfortable beds with quality linens in each room
  • Abundant bath towels, toiletries
  • Completely equipped kitchen
  • Reliable wi-fi connection
  • Basic provisions like toilet paper, hangers, laundry supplies
  • Cleaning tools like vacuums, mops
  • Local guide with recommendations
  • Cozy touches like throws, candles, books

What type of bedding is best for an Airbnb?

Travelers desire soft, high-quality sheets for the best rest, with extra pillows and blanket options. Choose linens incorporating moisture-wicking technology from brands like Brooklinen, Parachute, or Amazon’s microcotton offerings. Percale or linen provides coolness while luxe Sateen or flannel gives coziness.

What adds the most value to an Airbnb?

Ultimately, the intangible feeling imparted by warm, thoughtful hosting matters most to guests. Cleanliness, amenities allowing self-sufficient stays like kitchen tools and wi-fi, plus local insights add convenience.

 Special touches like fresh breakfast foods, baking ingredients, beauty products, and cozy furnishings add perceived luxury. Ensure the little details convey your genuine hospitality.

Preparing to Welcome Your First Airbnb Guest

You’ve set up your listing and are ready to host your inaugural guest. While exciting, preparation remains to make your guests feel pampered. Follow this comprehensive checklist to help successfully transition from property owner to seasoned hospitality guru.

Professional cleaning and maintenance first focus on renter safety and cleanliness standards to meet traveler expectations:

  • Complete a 200-point checklist for Airbnb inspection identifying needed fixes
  • Perform a deep clean on all interior rooms and exterior areas
  • Schedule ongoing professional cleaning between occupancies

The cumulative effect of attention to detail creates a “wow!” appeal sure to culminate in positive reviews. Soon you’ll be on your way to successful hosting of both brief visitors and recurring clientele!

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Picture of Michael F.

Michael F.

Owner, Elevated Cleaning Services

Michael started Elevated Cleaning Services to help fill a gap in the Florida cleaning market. With a focus on quality, and a passion for giving back to the community, Elevated Cleaning Services continues to serve hundreds of happy homeowners each month.

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