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What is a Deep Clean?

There is simply nothing better than a fresh clean home. It makes for a comfortable and healthy environment. What many people do not realize is that from time to time, a deep clean is needed. You want your home to be clean and hygienic, even in the areas sometimes neglected. For this, you need a deep clean. We will explain the importance of a deep clean, the difference between a deep and a regular clean, and when to do a deep clean.

When Do I Need a Deep Clean?

If your home or living space has been neglected for a while or has not been correctly cleaned for some time, chances are you need a deep clean. When you have odors in the home, stubborn grime and dirt, and a build-up of dust and debris in areas that normally get forgotten about then a deep clean might be just what you need. Chances are, if you have pets or a large family, you might need to have a deep clean more often than quiet living spaces without pets and heavy traffic. If you notice an increase in allergies or other ailments, a deep clean might be the solution. Another time to consider a deep clean is when you move into a new home. You don’t know how the previous occupants have cleaned so it is important to have a thorough clean. The same applies to when you move out. You do not want the new occupants to move into an unclean living space. If you are renting, the owner or agents will be impressed. This will go a long way to getting your security deposit back. If you are selling, your odds are a lot better if the place is super-clean. There is even a specific service for Move In/Out Cleaning that offers even more detail than a deep clean. You might want to consider this. You might also want to do a deep clean if you are hosting an important event in your home or have guests coming over. Somehow, things are always easier to keep clean once they are clean. It is getting that initial deep clean done that makes the rest easier and more effective. Ideally, start with a deep clean and aim to do at least one or two a year to ensure there is no build-up dirt and the space remains fresh and pristine.

A Deep Clean vs. a Regular Clean

While regular cleaning is important it is not as comprehensive as a deep clean. It is always best to start with a deep clean before contracting for regular cleans. If you don’t do this, some important areas will never get cleaned. While regular cleaning might make the rooms look clean on the surface, dust, dirt, and germs will be lurking out of sight. A deep clean will leave your home spotless in all areas for a healthier environment, better air quality, and looks that sparkle. It is all in the attention to detail, something you don’t get to the same extent with regular cleaning. The meticulous attention takes time and effort and should be done by skilled and experienced professionals. A few extra cleaning details you can expect from a deep clean include:
  • Tile grout scrubbed and cleaned
  • Baseboards cleaned
  • Doors and frames cleaned
  • Light fixtures
  • Top of refrigerators and outside of stove hood cleaned
  • Cabinet and draw exteriors wiped and washed
  • Window blinds cleaned
You can even request extras such as cleaning the inside of the oven or the inside of the refrigerator. These are both tricky tasks and often do not get done nearly enough. How often do we all neglect these important areas? You will generally not get these services and this attention to detail with regular cleaning. You will be amazed at the difference in the appearance and feel of your living space after a deep clean. The results will speak for themselves.

What is the Value of a Deep Clean?

Think of it as spring cleaning but any time of the year. You know that certain areas, especially those hard-to-reach areas, often get overlooked in the normal cleaning process. With deep cleaning, you can tackle those issues promptly and effectively for a fresh start.

Is There a Downside to Deep Cleaning?

Not really, no. Yes, it might take a bit longer than a regular clean and cost a little more but the benefits make it worthwhile. In the long run, it can save you money while ensuring the living space is thoroughly clean. If you are wondering about the cost, you can get a quick and easy quote online. Once you are happy you can even book the service online.

Why Use Professionals?

While we all believe we can keep our homes clean, very few are successful at doing a detailed complete job. Life gets busy and personal time is precious. Importantly, a good professional cleaning company will have a team of trained and experienced cleaners. They have all the right materials to get the job done correctly and efficiently without disrupting your life.

The benefits of a deep clean

Here is a quick summary of the many benefits of deep cleaning:
  • A clean living space
  • Eliminates built-up grime and dirt
  • Hard-to-reach areas are cleaned
  • Improved air quilty
  • Fewer allergies
  • Helps to eliminate odors
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved hygiene for better health
  • Allows regular cleaning to have a fresh start
  • Reduce the risk of bugs


So, there you have it. There is a time and a place for deep cleaning, and it is not something that should be neglected. Regular or standard cleaning is necessary to keep your living space neat. However, for it to be effective it should be supplemented with the occasional deep clean.  You will not regret it.

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