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What is an Airbnb Turnover

Running an Airbnb property involves hosting a constant stream of guests. As one group of guests checks out, you must prep the property so it’s ready for the next guests. 

This process of cleaning, resetting, and restocking an Airbnb rental between guest stays is known as Airbnb turnover. Turnover is extremely important for Airbnb hosts. Efficient turnover enables you to maximize occupancy and bookings.

The faster you flip the property between guests, the more bookings and rental income you can generate. On the other hand, slow and disorganized turnovers lead to gaps between bookings, lost income, and poor guest experiences.

That’s why managing Airbnb turnover systematically is crucial for hosts and property managers overseeing short-term rentals. 

Implementing standard operating procedures ensures cleanliness and preparedness for each guest’s arrival. Solutions like Airbnb turnover services also alleviate the hassle so hosts can focus on other aspects of their vacation rental business.

Why Airbnb Turnover is Important

  • Provides a positive guest experience – Cleanliness is typically the #1 factor potential guests consider. A tidy, fresh property leads to better reviews and repeat visits.
  • Allows you to charge higher prices – A spotless property that is properly stocked justifies higher nightly rates. You can yield greater profits from each booking.
  • Saves you time between bookings – With an efficient turnover process, you can clean and sanitize the unit quickly after guests depart. This gives you more bookings and rental income.
  • Lets you automate cleaning with Airbnb cleaning services like TurnoverBnB – Apps can schedule cleaners automatically after every checkout so your unit is always guest-ready.

Key Aspects of an Airbnb Turnover

An Airbnb turnover includes several key tasks, including:

Deep Airbnb cleaning

Every turnover starts with thoroughly cleaning the entire property. The cleaner must sanitize every room, surface, and textile to a hotel-grade clean standard. This includes detailed scrubbing of bathrooms, kitchens, and floors where germs and grime accumulate the most.

Turnover cleaners bring all their cleaning supplies and equipment, like industrial vacuums. They use checklists to clean each area consistently and restock consumables like soap and toilet paper.

Proper cleaning removes stains, deodorizes the property, and exterminates any pests from previous guests. It leaves your home sparkling clean for incoming guests.

Resetting and Restocking the Property

Beyond cleaning, turnover involves completely resetting the property. This includes washing all linens, towels, and bedding, making beds, and replacing all guest consumables. Cleaners confirm all furnishings, like throw pillows and decor items, are arranged neatly.

The goal is to present the home exactly as it would be for the first guest. The property is fully restocked with all essential supplies, and everything is in its right place. Proper resetting by professional turnover cleaners prevents future guest complaints about missing items or amenities.

Locking Up and Securing the Property

As the final step, the cleaner performs a walkthrough to ensure all windows are closed, lights are turned off, AC/heating is adjusted, and alarms are set. Front doors are double-checked to ensure they are securely locked. This gives hosts assurance that no aspect of home security was overlooked after turnover.

Trusted by Florida Homeowners
Trusted by Florida Homeowners

The Airbnb Turnover Service Checklist: What Needs to Be Done

An Airbnb turnover checklist helps ensure every task is completed to prepare for the next guests. Here are typical items included:


Throughout the property:

  • Vacuum carpets and mop hard floors
  • Dust all surfaces: furniture, window ledges, TVs
  • Clean walls, doors, cabinets, and baseboards to remove scuffs and stains
  • Disinfect high-touch areas: doorknobs, light switches, remote controls
  • Remove cobwebs and dust bunnies throughout


  • Wash dishes, glasses, pots/pans, and utensils
  • Clean the inside microwave, wipe the exterior
  • Wipe down cabinets, drawers, counters, appliances
  • Disinfect handles, knobs, sinks, and faucets


  • Clean and disinfect toilets, sinks, showers/tubs
  • Remove mildew and soap scum buildup
  • Polish chrome fixtures and mirrors
  • Replace shower curtains


  • Strip beds and wash all linens at high heat
  • Fluff pillows with new pillow protectors
  • Disinfect nightstands, lamps, TV remotes
  • Vacuum under beds and all floor areas


  • Wash windows and window screens
  • Flip or rotate mattresses when needed
  • Check for and remove any left-behind items
  • Take date-stamped photos of clean property

Tidying Up and Organizing

  • Make beds with fresh linens
  • Fold towels and hang neatly in bathrooms
  • Organize kitchen items: dishes, cookware
  • Fluff pillows and arrange neatly on beds
  • Vacuum furniture and launder throw blankets
  • Ensure furniture is dusted and properly arranged
  • Sweep outdoor areas, pick up debris

Restocking Supplies

  • Refill or replace amenities like:
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Check kitchen items like:
  • Coffee, tea bags
  • Spices, condiments
  • Dishes, cookware
  • Replace any broken or damaged items

Inspecting and Testing

  • Test all lights and electronics
  • Check appliances, HVAC, and plumbing
  • Ensure all access keys/codes work
  • Confirm that the WiFi network is working
  • Check smoke and CO detectors
  • Inspect for safety or security issues

Preparing for Arrival

  • Program thermostat temperature
  • Open blinds/curtains to let in natural light
  • Set out guest book and house manual
  • Fluff throw pillows and décor items
  • Display a welcome gift or snack

Once the full turnover process is complete, take photos to document the pristine condition before the next guests enter. This protects you in case of false damage claims.

Benefits of Using Airbnb Cleaning Services

Benefits of Using Airbnb Cleaning Services
Benefits of Using Airbnb Cleaning Services

Airbnb turnover services provide wide-ranging benefits for hosts:

Saves You Time

Completing turnover cleans in-house requires 4+ hours for a 2-3 bedroom property. Multi-tasking other hosting duties in this timeframe leads to delays and rushed performance. Delegating turnovers to third-party services gives this time to focus on marketing, improving your listing, or relaxing.

Improves Cleaning Consistency

DIY turnover performance varies widely depending on energy levels and attention to detail that day. In contrast, cleaners dispatched by professional turnover services undergo extensive training on consistent cleaning procedures. They provide reliable, high-quality cleans regardless of property size or complexity.

Prevents Booking Gaps From Delays

Using makeshift solutions like asking your existing house cleaner to handle last-minute turnovers inevitably leads to delays. Airbnb turnover services maintain onboard staff capacity to sustain rapid turnovers daily. This prevents gaps between bookings resulting from turnover no-shows or cancellations.

Higher Guest Satisfaction

Guest satisfaction depends tremendously on the arrival experience. Using professional cleaners that specialize in Airbnb turnover standards makes your home sparkling clean for each check-in. This results in higher scores and reviews, driving more bookings over time. It also minimizes complaints resulting from cleanliness or amenity issues.

Reduces Host Liabilities

Self-managing turnovers using unlicensed cleaners and handymen carry various legal, insurance, and security risks. Reputable turnover services perform stringent background checks and are fully insured. This reduces liable exposures as the licensed business entity assumes responsibility for potential damages or incidents.

Who Handles the Airbnb Turnover Process?

There are several options for completing the Airbnb turnover process:

Do It Yourself

Many hosts choose to handle all aspects of rental property turnover themselves:

Pros: Complete control, maximize your profits

Cons: Time-consuming, hard to scale

This works for rentals close to your home but becomes extremely difficult as your portfolio grows. It may take 5+ hours to turn over a 2-bedroom apartment.

Hire a Cleaner

You can hire an independent cleaner or housekeeping service. Provide them access and instructions.

Pros: Saves time, consistently clean

Cons: Must manage the cleaner; quality can vary

Be sure to confirm they will complete the entire turnover checklist, not just basic cleaning. Some may charge extra fees.

Use Turnover Cleaning Services

Specialty Airbnb turnover companies can fully manage the process:

Pros: Convenient, guaranteed quality

Cons: Service fees reduce profits

The best companies use dedicated crews with optimized routes to turn over multiple units in a day. Top services include TurnoverBnB and Pillow.

Turnover Timing Based on Booking Gaps

To allow enough time for a complete Airbnb turnover, factor in these average benchmarks:

  • Back-to-back bookings – 4 hours needed minimum
  • 1-night gap – Full same-day turnover
  • 2+ night gap – More relaxed pace, larger projects

So, for example, if guests check out Tuesday morning and the next guest arrives Wednesday afternoon, you have nearly 24 hours for a smooth turnover.

But if new guests arrive the same or the next day, the cleaner must arrive quickly after checkout to turn over the property ASAP. This takes strategic coordination between your cleaner and the reservation schedule.

Costs: What’s the Investment for Pro Turnovers?

Airbnb turnover costs depend on:

  • Cleaning rates in your area
  • Size and features of the property
  • What’s included: basic tidy vs deep clean
  • Additional tasks: laundry, restocking

Typical pricing:

  • Studio apartment – $80 to $150
  • 2 bedroom condo – $130 to $180
  • 3 bedroom house – $180 to $250

Value-added services:

  • Key pickup/drop-off – $15 to $25
  • Laundry per load – $10 to 20
  • Restock consumables – $20 to $50

DIY cost: Pay for supplies only, valued around $25 to $50 per turnover. But very time-intensive.

Pro tip: Hire an hourly helper just for laundry, restocking, and tidying. Then do the cleaning yourself and save 50%.

Turnover Process Tips and Best Practices

Follow these tips for an efficient, high-quality Airbnb turnover:

  • Create a master checklist so no tasks get missed
  • Standardize supply inventory and placement
  • Set minimum gaps between bookings
  • Use an app to automate the scheduling of cleaners
  • Take photos after each turnover
  • Let the cleaner handle the full process from checkout to the next check-in
  • Provide all necessary access keys, codes, parking information
  • Ask cleaners to note any maintenance issues
  • Get references and read reviews before hiring
  • Try out new cleaners on shorter 1-night bookings first
  • Offer cleaners bonuses for 5-star guest ratings

Elements of a Great Airbnb Turnover Checklist

A solid Airbnb turnover checklist ensures every necessary task is completed to thoroughly prepare your property for the next guests. The checklist should cover cleaning, tidying, restocking, inspection, and setup procedures.

Here are key details to include for each area:

Thorough Cleaning

Your cleaning checklist must go beyond basic tidying to true disinfection and scrubbing. Deep clean checklists specify what to scrub and how intensely – such as scrub shower grout lines until all mildew is gone.


  • Descale lime buildup in the sink; rinse until clear water
  • Scour stovetops, grills, ovens until gleaming
  • Clean inside microwaves and refrigerators with disinfectant
  • Scrub floors with hands/knees if needed to remove grime


  • Remove hair and soap residue from showers and tubs
  • Disinfect all porcelain surfaces with non-acidic cleaner
  • Clean walls, baseboards, doors, handles, cabinets
  • Clean behind toilets, including floor and wall corners


  • Vacuum under beds and furniture with brush and hose attachments
  • Wash bed skirts, duvet covers, and decorative pillows
  • Disinfect all remote controls with sanitizing wipes


  • Dust ceiling fans, sconce lights, baseboards
  • Wash interior windows, window sills, window blinds
  • Flip mattresses when required

Tidying and Organizing

Your turnover tidying processes should ensure belongings and furniture start freshly arranged at the start of each guest stay:

  • Make beds with hospital corners neatly tucked
  • Fold towels into triangles or decorative shapes
  • Line up hangers facing one direction
  • Arrange furniture into pleasing positions
  • Organize kitchen items by type into cabinets
  • Fluff all decorative throw pillows
  • Remove any stray hairs/lint/debris from all fabrics

Supply Checklist

From toiletries to tea bags, note the exact counts needed per stay length so each guest has what they expect:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paper towel rolls
  • Tissues boxes
  • Trash bags
  • Hand/body soap bottles
  • Shampoo/conditioner bottles
  • Dishwasher detergent pods
  • Coffee, tea bags
  • Sugar packets, sweeteners
  • Spices and condiments

Inspection and Function Tests

Verify all features and functions are active for the next guests:

  • Internet/wifi connectivity and speed
  • TV channel package lineup
  • Test all lights, lamps, switches
  • Check temperature settings on HVAC, water heater
  • Confirm no plumbing leaks
  • Ensure all door locks and access codes work
  • Test smoke/CO monitors, replace batteries

Guest Welcome Setup

Make first impressions welcoming with these final turnover touches:

  • Program thermostat temperature
  • Turn on the porch lights
  • Open curtains/blinds to maximize natural light
  • Display a welcome note, gift, or amenity
  • Set local guides, maps, and manuals on the kitchen table
  • Play soft background music

How Often Should You Wash Bedding and Towels?

To meet guest cleanliness standards:

  • Wash sheets, duvet/comforters, pillow protectors, mattress pads, and blankets after every guest’s stay without exception.
  • Replace bath towels after 1 to 2 uses maximum. Expect guests to want fresh towels each new day.
  • Swap out kitchen towels and washcloths after 2 to 3 days of use.
  • Expect to supply at least 2 full towel sets per booked guest.

Bonus tip: Use different colored bath towels on a rotating schedule so you know exactly when to replace them. For example:

  • Week 1: Blue towels
  • Week 2: Green towels
  • Week 3: Yellow towels

This allows easy identification of when to swap them out rather than guessing if guests used them for 1 or 5 days.

A Clean and Healthy Living Environment
A Clean and Healthy Living Environment

Questions to Ask Your Airbnb Turnover Service

If you decide to use Airbnb turnover services, here are key questions to ask potential providers before onboarding them:

Is your business fully licensed, bonded, and insured?

Reputable providers carry adequate general liability, workers’ compensation, and surety bond coverage. Licensure also indicates proper operating permits and tax compliance. This protects hosts from liability exposures associated with self-managed contractors.

What cleaning protocols do you follow for Airbnb turnovers?

Ask about their detailed turnover process and confirm it meets proper cleaning standards. Also, ask if they utilize mobile apps and checklists to ensure consistency. Photos of before/after turnover performance help showcase quality.

What supplies/consumables do you provide?

Some turnover teams bring all their supplies and equipment, which maximizes efficiency. Others rely on hosts to furnish these, which can slow turnovers if items run out. Understand exactly what’s included and not included.

How soon can you dispatch cleaners for same-day turnovers?

Last-minute turnover needs inevitably arise, so see how quickly teams can mobilize for urgent on-demand requests. 2-4 hours is ideal — anything longer risks delays between impending check-ins.

How do you vet and monitor individual cleaners?

There should be a stringent recruitment and hiring process, plus standardized training procedures. Also, clarify oversight methods like periodic quality audits and guest satisfaction tracking. This reduces bad hires slipping through the cracks.

Are teams available for turnovers 365 days per year?

365 availability eliminates reliance on makeshift solutions during holidays and peak seasons. It also prevents turnover delays resulting from inadequate staffing coverage leading into weekends.

Do you offer any guarantees if something is damaged or missed?

The best teams stand behind their performance by offering satisfactory guarantees and damage coverage. They quickly dispatch cleaners to address any turnover deficiencies reported after the fact.

Should You Hire Independent Cleaners or Companies?

When preparing your Airbnb properties and other short-term rental units for guest turnover, you can hire either independent cleaners or professional cleaning companies. Consider the key pros and cons of each when deciding where to source your vacation rental cleaners:

Independent Cleaners

The main benefits of independent cleaners are lower rates given their lack of corporate overhead, flexible schedules if cleaning is side work for them, and the ability to personally communicate directly. However, relying on just one person means turnover quality solely depends on their individual skills and attention span on any given day. Fluctuations can happen.

Watch out for a few common pitfalls: unpredictable last-minute cancellations if the cleaner’s main job takes priority, inconsistent quality if they are feeling under the weather or having an “off” day, and limited capacity to handle all the various cleaning and maintenance tasks involved in turning over multiple Airbnb properties. Supply restocking and staffing scalability pose challenges during peak booking seasons.

Cleaning Companies

Established cleaning firms offer standardized training programs for their staff and accountability for consistent quality work across the company. Business processes are repeatable. With multiple employees, call-outs of sick staff can also be covered more seamlessly. Companies have account management representatives available for ongoing communication with clients like Airbnb property owners and managers.

Cleaning companies also excel at routing teams to turn over high volumes on tight schedules for portfolios containing multiple short-term rental units across different locations. They maintain centralized supplies and warehouse capacity that independent cleaners lack access to. Corporate services bring reliability amid fluctuating conditions – a key factor when evaluating Airbnb turnover help.

Review independent cleaner responsiveness and company capacities to determine your best turnkey solution.

Pro tip: Multi-app with both independent cleaners and corporate providers. Use independents for small gaps or single units and defer to companies for batch turnovers.

Turnover Pricing: Cost Impacts and Factors

Multiple variables influence Airbnb turnover pricing:

Unit size – More bedrooms and bathrooms equal higher Airbnb cleaning fees

Features/finishes – Pools, spas, and high-end decor raise costs

Condition upon checkout – Excessive leaves more labor time for cleaners

Supply replenishment – Fully re-stocking all consumables has added fees

Transportation – Remote area property location may increase service charges

Market rates – Cleaner pay varies greatly by metro region

To estimate supply costs, allot ~$10 per bathroom and ~$20 per bedroom. Track expenses over the first few turnovers to determine typical budgets in your specific market.

Price shop between solo cleaners and multifamily corporate vendors to optimize budget and quality. Negotiate discounts for bundled booking packages.

Fair pricing is the win-win sweet spot, balancing turnover costs to maximize quality yet maintain profitability long-term.

Guest Ratings: How Cleanliness Impacts Reviews

Studies show cleanliness accounts for ~65% of Airbnb reviews. Guests value both cleanliness itself and the overall sense of care & attention it represents from the host.

Key indicators guests cite:

  • Fresh scented air
  • Spotless surfaces
  • Clutter-free environment
  • New linens and towels
  • Dust/dirt/debris free
  • Stain/mold/mildew removal
  • Organized layout

Using a 5-point rating scale for reference:

  • 5 star = Hotel-grade immaculate
  • 4 stars = Generally tidy with few small flaws
  • 3 star = Surface cleaned only, some neglected areas
  • 2 star = dirty in certain rooms
  • 1 star = No cleaning done recently

The cleaner the property, the higher the perceived hospitality quality – directly impacting rebook rates and rental yield. This positive correlation makes pro-Airbnb turnover services a highly strategic investment.

Airbnb Turnover FAQs

What is the difference between cleaning and turnover services?

  • Cleaning is the basic tidying and surface washing of a property.
  • Turnover services handle the entire guest-to-guest preparation process, including cleaning, resupplying, inspecting, and setup.

How often should you make the cleaner do a “deep cleaning”?

Schedule a deep clean every 6 months to a year. This includes intense scrubbing, electronics detailing, window and screen washing, vent cleaning, and mattress flipping.

Can I DIY basic tidying and outsource the heavy cleaning?

You can save money by handling all the linen changes, wiping surfaces, taking out trash, and supply checks. Then bring in a professional cleaner just for the disinfecting, scrubbing bathrooms/kitchen, vacuuming, etc, to finish turnover.

What supplies should I have on hand for efficient turnovers?

Great turnover kits include:

  • Multi-surface sprays like Method or Mrs Meyers
  • Microfiber cloths, Magic Erasers
  • Dish soap, scrub brushes
  • Garbage bags
  • Lint roller, duster
  • Spare light bulbs, batteries
  • Air freshener

How do I budget and price my Airbnb turnovers?

Take your daily rate and factor around 20% of that towards turnover costs. For example:

  • $100/night rental
  • $20 per turnover
  • $140 for a week booking would include 2 cleanings

On monthly rentals, build a monthly $100 cleaning fee to account for cleanings every 2 weeks.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Preparing your Airbnb properly through consistent, high-quality turnover between guests is essential to maximize profits and maintain 5-star ratings.

Implementing an optimized turnover system takes work upfront but saves major time down the road. The key is finding the right provider match – DIY, single cleaner, or service company – for your needs and budget.

To get started, take these next steps:

  1. Make your master Airbnb turnover checklist
  2. Set a booking gap policy and pricing thresholds
  3. Vet and onboard your cleaners
  4. Systematize supply inventory and unit access
  5. Use an app to auto-schedule cleaners

Then relax as happy guests continue rebooking your fresh, immaculate properties!

How to Implement the Airbnb Turnover Checklist

Successfully operating your Airbnb takes diligent and consistent effort. One of the most important aspects is the property turnover between guest stays. Implementing a strict turnover checklist helps streamline operations for multiple Airbnb owners and managers by systemizing the cleaning and maintenance routine.

For hosts who oversee numerous vacation rental properties, thorough turnover ensures consistent quality and exceptional experiences across all listings. Especially if you have two Airbnb properties or more, turnover management helps automate parts of your system so you can scale efficiently.

The turnover process starts immediately after the previous guest’s checkout. First, inspect the entire property, inside and out, to identify any cleaning tasks or repairs needed to prepare for the next visitors. Address issues like stained furniture or missing items right away.

If you utilize independent vacation rental cleaners, establish clear expectations for the level of tidy cleaning process expected after each rental period. Confirm cleaners are available for scheduled turnovers between impending guest stays across your portfolio. Consider contracting cleaners specifically to handle your Airbnb properties full-time.

Vet potential Airbnb service providers thoroughly regarding their experience with short-term rental unit sanitization. Look for full-service vendors able to assist with laundry, restocking supplies, safety checks, and maintenance repairs beyond basic cleaning.

Use a software platform like Guesty for comprehensive Airbnb management. The system tracks occupancy and turnover dates across all your listings so you can schedule cleaners and inspectors automatically around the calendar. Everything from maintenance requests and pest control schedules syncs through one dashboard to help orchestrate smooth daily operations or rapid weekend turnovers.

Approaching your multiple Airbnb portfolio, whether you own two units or 20, as a cohesive hospitality business will set you up for success. Systemizing administration and services around consistent turnovers and high cleaning standards leads to polished units and happy guests eager to rebook.

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Picture of Michael F.

Michael F.

Owner, Elevated Cleaning Services

Michael started Elevated Cleaning Services to help fill a gap in the Florida cleaning market. With a focus on quality, and a passion for giving back to the community, Elevated Cleaning Services continues to serve hundreds of happy homeowners each month.

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